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Anita Rosamond


Anita Rosamond is an extremely talented vocalist and keyboardist whose versatility is second to none! Anita is available as a soloist, duo, trio or even as a large 7 piece band!  Each member has at least 20 years of experience as professionals in the music business and all are very well respected musicians in Saint Louis and beyond.

Every member of the band is so amazingly talented, skilled and versatile, it allows us to play a wide range of music, from cocktail and dinner music to the fun and high energy dance music, the great dance hits of the 50's and 60's, Classic Rock and Motown, 70's and 80's Disco and Rock.....not to mention 90's dance tunes, Island music, Country, Jazz Standards, and even current hits!!! And.....we love to interact with the audience!

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