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Annie and The Fur Trappers


Annie and the Fur Trappers is a St. Louis traditional jazz and blues band. The band includes clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tuba, banjo, guitar, piano, washboard, and saxophone. Annie and the Fur Trappers is dedicated to performing and preserving the music of the 1920s and 30s today. The band plays traditional jazz, delta blues, ragtime, and swing music. Their version of 'Delta Bound" was selected to be displayed at the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment experience in Meridian, Mississippi. Annie and the Fur Trappers' original song "You Break It, You Buy It" was selected for the St. Louis Blues Society's 17 in 17 complilation album. Annie and the Fur Trappers have performed at a variety of music festivals including Big Muddy Blues Festival, The Whitaker Jazz Festival, The Apple Butter Festival, HONK!TX, Musikfest, The Cherokee Street Jass Crawl, and The Rosebud Cafe Music Festival.

The band has released two studio albums. Muskrat Ramble, the second album won the best self-produced album of 2019 by the St. Louis Blues Society.

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