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Arcadia Dance Orchestra


Swing into the sounds of the 1920's with the Arcadia Dance Orchestra. As we move into a new era of the 20's, let T.J. Muller's authentic Jazz orchestra transcend your guests through the golden era of music.

Bandleader, T.J. Muller transcribes old records, rearranges old charts, and builds instruments that recreate the 1920's sound. The 11-piece orchestra's sound is specific to St. Louis, evoking the days of the infamous rolling riverboat Ragtime shows and bustling Big Band nightclubs.

Arcadia Dance Orchestra appeals to all age groups, where you can find the young-at-heart and the old-souls both tapping their toes. Whether you're looking for something different, something extraordinary or both, Arcadia Dance Orchestra will indeed deliver the wow factor!

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