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Babaloo Music and Fun


Wacky tunes, zany dances and silly songs — expect this and more  at a Babaloo show! This one-man band with a man and his guitar, creates  an engaging, laugh-inducing show for a children’s audience of any size,  from 25 to 2,500. Your kids will be splitting their sides laughing and  singing along to original Babaloo songs like “I Lost My Pants in the  Swimming Pool,” “Don’t Pass the Gas,” or Gorilla in the Middle of my  Bedroom Floor.” Babaloo, who has won international songwriting contests  for his hilarious tunes, makes for interactive entertainment at fairs,  festivals, corporate and nonprofit events, school assemblies and even  birthday parties. This silly guy will keep your kids laughing through  the show and singing the whole ride home.

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