Edicks Way


One of the most entertaining and talented live Rhythm & Blues variety bands in St Louis!

Edicks Way is not new to the St Louis area. It was  first founded in 1975 by Greg Edick. He named the band "Edicks Way" in  honor to his father, George Edick, founder of The Club Imperial.

George did things 'his own way' and was very successful promoting  talent soon to become superstars....Ike and Tina Turner and Michael  McDonald were a part of it all.

Entertainment was Greg's childhood. His first guitar was given to him  by Ike Turner....(True Story). Greg left Edicks Way in 1980 when he  joined the Gene Edlin band. Gene got a recording deal with Columbia  Records Unfortunately, the album was never finished.

Greg reunited with vocalist, Vicky Michaels and four of St Louis’ most  talented musicians to reform band with an edgy old school groovin'  R&B, Blues and Rock feel.  Vicky and Greg have been a team for over  13 years, playing clubs all over St Louis. Now they have come together  again to create a unique sound!

Band Members:

  • Vicky Michaels

  • Greg Edick

  • Pat McDermott

  • David Ferrara

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