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F.I.R.E. (Females in Rock Experience)


FIRE is a band that covers WOMEN WHO ROCK,  the most amazing songs from the decades with energy and passions. A mix of Rihanna to Aretha, Lady Gaga,  Pat Benatar and many of the BEST female singers that have graced the airwaves. Its a show EXPERIENCE full of dancing, rocking, and pop melodies to make your heart jump and your feet move. The cover dance, pop, country, classic rock, and sub-pop.

Stephanie Johnston leads the charge with the HUGE challenge of covering so many iconic voices into one action packed show. She is up for the mission to give you these ladies best songs and the band to go with it. Stephanie lives for the beats and the audiences smiles on the dance floor.

The band of all-stars backs Steph with tons of talent. Phil Minardi (Jefferson Airplane and man many iconic St. Louis bands), Kevin Pajda (Souvenir), Niki Varner (musical and backing vox extraordinaire), Rob Moenigmann (drums in Shots Fired, and produces at Firebrand Recording Studio), and Kury (bass for Ghoul Grass, many other tributes, and craziness).

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