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Galaxy RED


GalaxyRED is one of a kind in the music industry. Combining the  live music of long-time St. Louis favorite the Galaxy Band with St.  Louis' legendary DJ Crucial gives the audience an experience like they  have never known.

What makes this combination truly exceptional is the ability of the  Galaxy Band and DJ Crucial to play TOGETHER and independent of one  another to provide four hours of seamless, non-stop music ranging from  the 1950's to the edgy R&B and Hip Hop sounds of today and  everything in between. GalaxyRED is the most exciting new music movement  in the country and makes any event more exciting and enjoyable than  anything else going on today.

Galaxy Band leader Lenny Klinger and his crew combine with the  turntable man DJ Crucial in a way that is so unexpected, precise in its  execution and producing music in such a new and authentic way that it is  impossible to compare them to any other artists living or dead.

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