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Gaslight Squares


If you’re longing for the sounds of traditional jazz, The Gaslight Squares are your ticket to the soft crooning of the past.

Founded in 2015 by multi-instrumentalist T.J. Muller, the group specializes in a variety of early 20th century musical styles including ragtime, 1920s jazz, 1930s swing, and New Orleans style jazz. The Gaslight Squares are also dedicated to St. Louis’ own musical heritage and celebrating the historic riverboat jazz music of the city. They perform such local standards as “Frankie and Johnny” and “There’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.”

The Gaslight Squares play a variety of jazz and blues with an ensemble stretching from a trio to a seven-piece-band. The group is highly adaptable to the needs of a variety of events, able to provide both soft, atmospheric music for social functions or high energy, danceable music for parties and celebrations. (The group is popular with local swing dancers.) They also have a large selection of festive and classic holiday tunes to play at your special holiday gathering.

Create a classic speakeasy setting or liven up your fair or festival Crescent City style and book the Gaslight Squares today.

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