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Ghost Town Blues Band


Beale Street’s latest success story and International Blues Challenge  Finalist is Ghost Town Blues Band. Their debut release Dust the Dust,  has received an impressive amount of airplay throughout the US and  Europe. The recording won the European Independent Music Label Award for  “Top Sound” in blues. Both Preston McEwen behind the drums and Alex  Piazza on the bass guitar are a punishing rhythm section behind Matt  Isbell with raunchy guitar licks and chainsaw rhythms. With the addition  of horn players Coleman Garrett, Silky Smooth Suavo Jones and Jeremy  Powell on keys, the grooves go from funky to funk-nasty as the band  gains more notoriety in the international blues scene.

Ghost Town Blues Band is a modern blues band with an intimate  knowledge of both blues, rock and improvisational jams. At the same  time, the band’s raw energy and intensity is reminiscent of some of the  best blues that rock n' roll has ever offered. The band can turn on a  dime from North Mississippi hill country grooves to classic electric  urban blues and funk. This Memphis-based, gritty, six-piece has been  touring the US since its inception in 2009, gaining a strong following  within the blues and Jam Band circuit.

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