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Jackson Howard


After a successful release of his EP “A Place to Cross” in April of  2015, Jackson set out on a local campaign to get his music to as many  ears in Saint Louis as possible. This resulted in two television and two  radio appearances, in addition to 88 live shows between the release of  the EP in April, and the end of 2015. As songs continued to pour out,  Jackson and his band were quickly band in the studio to begin their  first full length album, “About Life”.

The aptly titled album covers topics ranging from nostalgic regret  (Hideaway) to cherished memories and embracing change (Tribute and About  Life), from caustic love (All the Way Down) to iridescent infatuation  (Already there and Amazed by You). But the message dearest to the  singer’s heart comes on the stripped down “Call it Fate” - a song based  on Howard’s decision to leave his position as a doctor of exercise  physiology at Washington University to answer the yearnings of his soul  and dive headfirst into his music. About Life is major step forward  musically for the entire group.

Keyboardist and producer Marcus Leonard takes a notably larger role in  the arrangements as synths, piano and organ accentuate nearly ever  track. While the songs are musically intriguing and complex, the album  demonstrates a certain pop sensibility that engrains songs in the  listener’s mind. From the dance grooves of “Eve”, to the uplifting and  empowering anthem “About Life” and down the the heart wrenching soaring  refrain of “Hideaway”, the consistent response has been that the songs  make an emotional impact, and burrow a home in the listeners ear.

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