Jason Nelson Band


The Jason Nelson Band is a St. Louis-based cover band that performs  a wide variety of rocking and danceable music from the 80’s, 90’s as  well as more recent material.

Featuring vocalist Jason Nelson and his band- Perry Woods on guitar and  vocals, Radomir Ratkovic on drums and vocals and Kingvegas on bass and  vocals this band delivers soaring vocals over a heavy groove set after  set.

Jason Nelson Band pulls out the most rocking, danceable hits from the  80’s, 90’s and today, and adds even more fun and spunk! Lead vocalist  Jason Nelson never stops moving on stage, keeping the energy high  throughout the entire performance. Jason has played with artists such as  Subline, Chuck Berry and Bobby Brown, and John “Kingvegas” Kiehne on  bass has also performed with Blue Man Group, so you know the  expectations are high with this group for good music and a good  performance.

The Jason Nelson Band will liven up any party or event and get the whole audience on their feet.

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