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Lucas Jack


Lucas Jack began his songwriting and performance career crafting songs  for any and all family occasions as a small boy, a passion he carried as  a teenager to the bars, hotel lobbies, and social events of his  hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan – anywhere with an unguarded piano. This  creative impulse was fostered throughout his twenties via collaboration  with a series of bands while working as an attorney in Chicago. At last  heeding music as a full-time calling, he left the corporate grind and  released his first album, The Chicago EP (2012), followed by Before I  Forget (2015) and Make it Beautiful (2016)

Channeling and reinventing the tradition of great piano rock of Billy Joel and Elton John, with the subject matter and passion of Dawes,  Mountain Goats, Rufus Wainwright, and The Hold Steady, Lucas Jack is a  singer-songwriter-pianist telling finely-hewn stories of the modern  American experience with his powerful tenor voice and inspired  musicianship.

After just 4 whirlwind years of a full-time music career, Lucas Jack has  toured all over the United States, playing over 350 shows, and opened  up for iconic bands like Foreigner, Styx, and Night Ranger. He has also  worked with Grammy-nominated producer Mack Damon and Grammy-award  winning mastering engineer Greg Calbi (Paul Simon Graceland and St.  Vincent Birth In Reverse) at Sterling Sound.

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