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Luke Queen Band


Luke Queen Band provides live music in St. Louis and the metro area -  playing all your favorite music genres ranging from Top 40 to classic  hits.

Luke Queen has had a passion for music his entire life, and enjoys  sharing it with others in a variety of settings. He has a Bachelor of  Arts in Music and specializes in vocals, guitar, and piano. Luke also  has 10+ years of experience in musical performance. He plays music from a  wide variety of genres, and often plays as a duo with Brett Kowal or  Lauren Queen.

Luke Queen Band's goal is to provide the best musical experience and  professional service possible for each event and client. They do this by  creating unique playlists that spans a variety of genres.......Luke  Queen Band has something to offer for everyone!

LQB is focused on providing clients with the best, most professional  service possible to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by  recognizing each venue and its unique target audience.  Luke Queen Band  can adapt their performance to best serve your venue, and maximize the  value you get when you book them.

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