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Marquise Knox


Marquise hails from a musical family deeply entrenched in the Blues.  He learned how to play guitar from his grandmother Lillie whose family  were sharecroppers and whose great, great grandparents were slaves. He  also played with his uncle Clifford, who was a major influence in  Marquise's life.

For Marquise, Blues is his heritage and a way of life. He spent his  early teenage years in St. Louis mentoring under the late great Blues  legend, N.E.A. Heritage Fellowship recipient and Grammy Award winner  Henry James Townsend. Marquise's talents have earned him performing  rights with some of America’s most notable blues performers such as  blues legend and Grammy Award winners B.B. King, Pinetop Perkins and  David “Honeyboy” Edwards (the latter two also NEA Heritage Fellows). He  has also performed at dozens of festivals, and has toured Germany and  played the Baden Blues Festival in Switzerland.

Marquise’s blues are so transparent and bare. It’s so easy to feel  his music as totally legitimate. That’s above all what makes it so appealing. That’s what makes Marquise Knox special. He’s the whole  package. A throwback blues master on the rise.

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