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With an all-star cast stemming from bands such as Dr. Zhivegas, Brookroyal, DonkeyPunch, and more, McLovin is a fine-tuned groove machine that keeps the dance floor shaking all night long. Loaded with five-part vocal harmonies and a ridiculous variety of songs spanning from rock to country to soul, McLovin will entertain any crowd until last call.

McLovin will play a variety of hits spanning from the ’50s all the way to the top hits of today. Their ever-expanding song list runs the gamut from Elvis to 2Pac, Aerosmith to Maroon 5, Chunk Berry to Nelly. No matter your taste, McLovin has your flavor. The band can customize their set list for your event, as well as learn new songs specifically for you.

McLovin is professional in every detail and experienced in entertaining guests of all ages. For your next event, you can count on McLovin for a great set list, high energy performances, and a packed dance floor.

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