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Ptah Williams


Ptah Williams is St. Louis' most revered pianist. He has won the RFT award for best pianist many times. He has performed with Freddie Hubbard, George Benson, James Moody, and many other household names of jazz.

Over the past couple of decades, Williams has worked in a variety of different settings on the local jazz scene, from the jazz/fusion of the powerhouse trio Tracer (in the company of the excellent combination of Darrell Mixon on bass and Gary Sykes on percussion) or working in an all-star group backing the likes of Russell Gunn and Greg Tardy to his current focus on solo piano performances. And whether he's playing an electric keyboard and synthesizer or an acoustic piano, Williams is always a treat to hear. He has performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival, and many festivals throughout Europe. He is currently performing a jazz tribute to Stevie Wonder, and a concert detailing the history of jazz called "Jazz 101." He performs as a solo pianist, or duo, trio or quartet.

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