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Ralph Butler Band


The Ralph Butler Ensembles are constantly evolving and improving.  Versatile and perfectly seasoned, the Ralph Butler Ensembles inspire a  comfortable, interactive atmosphere, filling any concert venue or sunlit  sky with robust entertainment where hearts dance. The established  popularity is a staple when it comes to any performance venue. "We make  it a point to get in touch with the audience and establish a rapport  right away. When we share the warmth and togetherness by connecting with  them and letting them know how special they are, it creates the true  magic of a live performance." The Ralph Butler Band has performed at  hundreds of wedding receptions over the last three decades.

"Our performances are engaging and simply wonderful to experience."

An Ensemble for Every Occasion We have Musical Ensembles of all sizes and be it the Band, the Trio or  the Duo, each and every ensemble, like its lead singer, is a group of  versatile veterans who take pride in the quality of their performance.  Members of The Ralph Butler Band collectively pour their talents into  lively, loving atmospheres, transforming moods into music and music into  mood. Each performer brings personal accomplishments as seasoned  musicians to the stage. Their broad repertoire offers titles from  Classics, Standards, Soul, Motown, Pop and The New and Edgy. Their  original songs are enough to touch the soul of any romantic.

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