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Rattle and Hum- A Tribute to U2


RATTLE AND HUM is, quite simply, THE PREMIER U2 TRIBUTE. Placing a  priority on accurately delivering the SOUND of Ireland’s greatest  export, RATTLE AND HUM is the U2 tribute most dedicated to making you  feel as if you are experiencing the real U2 in concert. No other band  can match RATTLE AND HUM’s passion and musicianship when it comes to  performing U2′s vast catalog of songs, from their debut album ‘Boy’ in  1980 all the way to the present…well, except for U2 itself.

Formed in 2006 RATTLE AND HUM is comprised of some of Kansas City’s  most talented musicians: Mike Jackson’s soaring vocals true to Bono’s;  Anthony Trevino’s meticulous attention to detail in replicating The  Edge’s guitar; Gary Bertoncin’s backbeat on drums; and Pat Ross’  thundering bass. The band is relentless in playing the songs with  passion and energy, and always win over any crowd they play for.

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