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Rockstar Live Band Karaoke


Fulfill your dream of becoming the lead singer in a real, LIVE rock  n'roll band. Take your karaoke party to a whole new level and let  Rockstar Live Band Karaoke be your back-up band, making you the star of  the show! With a songlist of over 400 tunes, your guests will find their  favorite song to sing regardless of genre.

There's never a dull moment with this band! With more to offer than  just karaoke, RLBK brings music trivia, crazy antics, and audience  participation to the stage.

Whether its a full show of karaoke, straight up music &  interactive entertainment or a combination of both; RLBK will tailor  their performance to your event.

Rockstar Live Band Karaoke: Where you are the star!

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