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Rosy Hips, The


If the saying, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger," has any veracity to it, then The Rosy Hips are living proof of it. Meeting in  high school, the starry-eyed rockers, hailed from eclectic backgrounds,  but shared one common vision: to not be another cookie-cutter, poser  band, but rather to go all in, throw caution to the wind, and sell their souls to the rock n’ roll circus, for better or for worse.

After writing and playing together, off and on, over the past seven years, sharing a lot of whiskey and heartbreak together, including the loss of their best friend and longtime drummer, they have emerged with a  tasty blend of cover songs and true-life inspired originals that  chronicle all of the reckless misadventures, comedowns, hangovers, and  hardships that ultimately forged their sound.

Tastefully fashioning retro rock n' soul with a contemporary, indie flair, their groundbreaking vehicle of sound is driven by EDM synths,  grit-grinding organ, slutty guitar riffs, funk-nasty bass, soul-stirring  vocals, and hot-pocket drums, guaranteed to get you out your seats, on  your feet, and out of your mind.

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