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Saints in the City- Tribute to Bruce Springsteen


Saints in the City is a tribute to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. 

The band came together to celebrate one of greatest songwriters and performers in the history of rock and roll.  They made it their mission to bring you the high energy performance of the E Street Band and to make sure everyone in the building leaves fully baptized in the holy waters of Rock ‘N Roll! 

Saints in the City draws on Bruce’s full catalogue including his first records such as Greetings from Ashbury Park and Born to Run, The River, and on through the pumped up and ripped denim years of Born in the USA.   Then they take you into the later records such as Ghost of Tom Joad and High Hopes. 

One thing the band hears at the end of every gig form the uninitiated that were there with a friend that is already a Springsteen fan is “Wow, I didn’t know that Bruce wrote all those songs, turns out I’m a Bruce Springsteen fan!”

See you on E Street!

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