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Scott Laytham & Karl "Trickee" Holmes


Scott Laytham’s skills as a musician, arranger, and composer, are well known in the St. Louis area.  Besides his live performances, Scott has also produced music for both local and national radio and television ads.  Scott has created original soundtracks for many video games, IMAX productions, and planetarium star shows.  For the live shows Scott has his hands full.  He not only plays keys, guitar, and sings, but also runs the light show and sound system as well.  Talk about multi-tasking!

Karl "Trickee" Holmes is one of the best vocal impressionist in the country.  Karl can sound like any singer you can imagine.  His rare ability allows him to sing songs by almost any artist and sound just like them.  Some of his impressions include Louis Armstrong, Al Green, Ray Charles, Barry White, Michael Jackson, Prince, Shaggy, Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis, Alan Jackson, and The Temptations (he performs all five Temptations voices by himself).  You must see it, and hear it, to believe it!

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