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Strings International- Christos Sarantakis


Christos Sarantakis was born and educated in St. Louis, MO.  His parents were both of Greek heritage and as a child he was always listening to European styles of music, mostly Greek. He attended Maryville College in St. Louis, where he studied Music Education and Music Therapy.

Due to his fascination with the Beatles, at age ten he began private guitar instruction. A year later his father Peter brought home a Bouzouki (a Greek stringed instrument in the mandolin and lute family) and he was learning to play it. He encouraged Christos to learn ten Greek tunes on the Bouzouki and promised if he did he would buy him a new Fender electric guitar and amplifier!  In one week’s time, Christos learned the tunes and his father kept his promise.

“Everyone truly loves the mellow and exciting sound of the Bouzouki, “smiles Christos. “It is amazing how many people I still meet today who are not familiar with this extremely expressive musical instrument.”

Though he plays various styles of music using mandolin, electric, acoustic and nylon string guitars, the Bouzouki continues to be his favorite medium for expressing himself musically. “The sound is authentic, says Christos,” but can easily be mixed with smooth jazz, standards, popular ballads, movies themes and contemporary styles of music.”

Christos can bring you the wonderful sounds of Greek, Italian, Smooth Jazz etc. using Bouzouki, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitars, Nylon String Guitars, Jazz Guitars.  Enjoy these new refreshed styles on the Greek Bouzouki.

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