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Balloon Sculptors

Balloon sculptures add color and excitement to any celebration. Your guests feel like they get something to play with at the event and take home afterwards. It’s fun to watch the balloon artist twisting the balloons into animals, flowers, hats, and toys. Balloon twisting instantly upgrades your party to something special. Another exciting choice is our beautiful and illuminating new LED balloon sculptures to add an even more elegant accompaniment to your event!

LaDeDa Entertainment is unique in that we have mastered the art of twisting simple but amazing balloons for events. Our many years of experience have shown us that children are delighted with many one and two balloon sculptures. We have also found that by not slowing down during a busy event to do large elaborate balloon sculptures that take several minutes to produce, we can serve a greater number of people. That is not to say our balloons are average – we have a variety of fun creations that are the hit of any party. But we do take the time to consider the number of people wishing to receive a balloon, and we do our sculpting accordingly.

Don't overlook balloons for grown-ups at a party! You'd be surprised what an ice-breaker it is to have a balloon sculptor making clever hats, wands, and cute items that adults would like to have. It's a great way to lighten the mood right away and make your guests relax into party mode. We have provided upscale balloon artists for parties that were for adults only, with no children at all, and received jubilant feedback.

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