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Movie Characters

The silver screen comes alive at your next party! From cinema classics to the latest blockbusters, the best characters are here for you!

The force will be strong at your next party with light-saber swinging heros! The Star Fighter Knight and Star Princess can teach guests young and old expertise with a light-saber, leading up to an intense battle with The Dark One!

For a day in the Emerald City, you’ll feel the enchantment of Oz with Dottie Gail and Scary Crow Guy as you make your way down the Yellow Brick Road. No Oz adventure is complete without the wish-granting Galinda! Don’t forget your ruby red slippers for this wonderful event!

Muggles can transport to the wizarding world with the Wizard Crew — no Portkey needed! The young and young at heart can listen to tales of wizarding school mischief, learn their favorite spells with their own wand, and start up a pickup game of Quidditch with the whole gang! You’ll forget your Muggle status, even if for a day!

For even more movie character fun, give us a call today to book your favorite movie characters!

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