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Spoof Entertainers

A great way to surprise your guests and keep them laughing is to include comedy entertainers incognito at your event. LaDeDa entertainment has the most hilarious Comedy Paparazzi, Comedy Waiters, Comedy Chefs, Comedy Security and many more disguised comedians who can play a role in your festivities.

Wacky waiters, a bumbling photographer, over-zealous security guard – these jesters provide an excellent way of entertaining your guests in a manner that includes the element of surprise. Our comedy waiters mingle with the real serving staff, often wearing the same uniforms to blend in, creating unexpected comic moments. Our Comedy Chef looks like the real thing, until he starts juggling knives! The antics and mayhem of our security guards provide laughs and create bewilderment at any party or event that will no doubt have everyone guessing whether they’re real or not.

Before the evening is over, everyone is in on the fun, taking part in the chaos with these characters. It’s a memorable way to give an evening of fun that stands out in everyone’s minds for years to come.

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