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St. Louis Strutters

For over 30 years, the St. Louis Strutters have performed fast-tapping, high-kicking precision dance routines showcasing the rich history of skill and dedication to their talent. Their captivating performances are performed to a varierty of professionally choreographed dance routines performed to all genres of music. Show features singers, storytellers, and Emcees who engage their audiences with seamlessly first-rate entertainment.

Articles in magazines and newspapers highlight the talent of the St. Louis Strutters by saying, "the Strutters will entertain you in beautiful original-designed costumes smiling and tapping their way into your heart." They amaze their audiences when they reveal their ages form 60's to 80's. Their enthusiasm and sparkling energy are described by many as "contagious and magical"

Among their credits are appearances in Broadway-inspired productions at the Muny in Forest Park, St. Louis and for the annual Ms. Senior America Pagent at Harrah's Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and Resorts International in Atlantic City.

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